Posted by: bescothealthcare | May 13, 2010

Canadian runner preventing blisters

I have been running for a couple years now and enjoy everything about the sport with the exception of issues caused by friction. I have tried other well known products to prevent friction but they each had their issues. Some were only for your nipples and others that you could apply on various body parts would leave an oily residue. I was tired of ruining good clothing and it was getting very expensive.

When I found ReSkin I was ecstatic!!!!

I used the 4 heel package and loved how they prevented friction. I used them on my feet but also on my nipples. To make things even better ReSkin didn’t ruin my clothing like other products that leave a residue. I wasn’t sure about reusing the patches but I must admit I used them multiple times without issue. I found them easy to clean by just putting them on the shower wall, washing them, then putting the backing back on and letting them dry. When you consider the fact that you can reuse ReSkin, it doesn’t ruin your clothing, and it protects you from friction, there just isn’t a better product out there. It is a great value and I look forward to trying the bike patch once I start training for a triathlon.

Aaron Putman
Team Running Free – Ajax


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