Posted by: bescothealthcare | April 20, 2011

Getting started in Running?

Canadian RunningJust received my latest issue of  Canadian Running.  It’s “The Beginner’s Issue” but it has something in there for everyone.  It is a great issue with unique feature stories… go buy it or better yet, subscribe!

ReSkin does not appear in it this month, but a photo and a piece in the “10 Beginner Blunders to Avoid” caught my eye immediately.

In “Beginner Blunders” number 5 it talks about not wearing new shoes or “attire” at a race, we say the same thing for ReSkin… you need to be confident that on race day you do not have to worry about are the things that you are wearing, you need to be confident that they will not stop either your best personal performance or enjoyment of the event.

The photo that caught my eye was in an article about Mr. Peter Maher, showing him winning the 1986 Barbados Marathon (you have to buy the magazine to see the picture!).  His running vest has two holes “strategically” cut to prevent (I assume) “Runner’s Nipple” – probably the number one reason why men buy ReSkin off us before Marathons.  Over time the shirts and vests we often wear get wet from spilled drinks or sweat, and then they can perform like cardboard.  When this “material” rubs on our tenderest skin it can cause significant damage… known as “Bloody Elevens” in running circles!  Many can avoid this with the purchase of special shirts… but many can not!

As well as preventing the friction on the feet that causes blisters, ReSkin prevents this “upper body” friction as well.  It can: be cut to size: sticks to the skin when put initially on dry skin and stays there because it is breathable: it is pain free to remove (good job, eh!) and, is washable an re-usable.  Check it out at and purchase on-line or at Shoppers Drug Mart or select Source for Sports (full list of fine retailers stocking ReSkin can be found at


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