Posted by: bescothealthcare | August 30, 2011

Research: Aspirin* Resistance may lead to sub-optimal dosing in people with Diabetes

Original Research: “Aspirin* Use Rates in Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Cross-Sectional Study”

A study in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes (2010;34(3):211-217) has concluded “…our study identified that about one-quarter of people with diabetes who have an indication for primary prevention and over 70% of those with a history of CV events use aspirin regularly. The most common dose of aspirin taken to prevent CV events is ≤100 mg daily. Current pharmacological  and  clinical  trial  evidence  would  suggest this dose is suboptimal.

In their paper the authors suggest; “One possible explanation for the lack of benefit seen with daily Aspirin* doses ≤100 mg is aspirin resistance. It appears that people with diabetes have elevated platelet reactivity and therefore lower response to aspirin compared to the general population.”

A simple urine test to measure the efficacy of a patient’s ASA dose is now available in Canada, calledASAEffect.  Read more about the test at  www.ASA  The test is available through LifeLabs Canada and can be ordered through you physician.

*Note:  In Canada, Aspirin is a trademark of Bayer AG, used under license. ASA is the abbreviation for Acetylsalicylic Acid


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