Posted by: bescothealthcare | February 4, 2012

Hockey Skates Don’t Have To Be Such A Pain Anymore!


For many Canadians a session on an ice rink means trying to protect their feet against  the pain caused by their skates.

Bescot Healthcare hope that with the use of their product ReSkin, seeing skaters digging into their kit bag for a fresh bandage or seen cringing while trying to remove industrial or hockey tape from around a foot will be a thing of the past. All the while on the ice, skaters are hoping that their bandage will stay on long enough to protect the feet from blistering, and that the tape will not remove too much skin when it is pulled off.

Most people know exactly where the blistering or chafing from their footware will occur, with the top of the foot (“lace bite” or “lace rash”), ankles, and heels are the most likely areas to be affected. This is due to the friction caused by just the slightest movements of the foot rubbing in an inflexible skate or boot especially when turning, pushing off, or stopping.

Relief, fortunately, is already here. For the first time last summer, avid runners started to use a new product called ReSkin to protect themselves from blisters. This re-usable bandage should now also be considered for the similar friction caused by skates or ski boots.

ReSkin is the first truly washable and re-usable bandage. It uses a unique combination of a Lycra weave material with a soft silicone-based adhesive, meaning the bandage combines a material that is cut-able, flexible and washable with an adhesive that can re-stick even after a number of uses. This new solution for comfortable hockey feet can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix and in select Source for Sport stores across Canada, or on-line at

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