Posted by: bescothealthcare | February 7, 2012

Review compares approaches to pelvic floor muscle training for urinary incontinence in women.

It is interesting that something that is so relatively common in women, and can be so debilitating, can have so little good date about the best way to treat!  In this recent review of studies related to Stress Urinary Incontinence the New Zealand authors conclude; “This review found that the existing evidence was insufficient to make any strong recommendations about the best approach to pelvic floor muscle training. We suggest that women are offered reasonably frequent appointments during the training period, because the few data consistently showed that women receiving regular (e.g. weekly) supervision were more likely to report improvement than women doing pelvic floor muscle training with little or no supervision.”  Read more here.

For women with Urinary Stress Incontinence, IncoStress can help give back control and confidence… it can be a  key component of your road to recovery… Don’t Suffer in Silence.

Read more at, and also check out for practical information and advise for dealing with unwanted leakage.



  1. Incostress will save you hundreds of $ in pads, Incostress solves the problem where as pads only hide it. Do you really want to sit in your own urine for hours? No, I didn’t think so. Using Incostress changed my life, it can change yours too.

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