Posted by: bescothealthcare | April 2, 2012

The Running Link, New Liskeard, Ontario, Adds ReSkin

The Running Link in New Liskeard, Ontario (the store that asks Let us be your northern connection to all things running”), has added ReSkin to their available goods for sale!

Bescot met them at their booth at the Hamilton Round the Bay Expo a couple of weekends ago and loved their dedication to running to be so far away from home, and even more that they  bought some ReSkin off us to sell in their store!

I love their about us on their website that explains why they “set up shop” – “Chandra and Tony wanted to bring northern Ontario a specialty running store for the small communities of serious and recreational runners and fitness enthusiasts who usually have to travel to get quality gear, so they opened The Running Link”

So Northern Ontario runners ensure you support your “local” The Running Link, and don’t forget to pick up your re-usable ReSkin to protect your skin from blisters and chafing caused by shoes, clothes or equipment!

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