Posted by: bescothealthcare | December 4, 2014

Research – Celiac disease does not increase clinical consultations for fertility problems

For the full University of Nottingham report, read here

“Researchers conducted a large population-based cohort study, analysing more than two million women of childbearing age in the United Kingdom, to compare the rates of new clinically recorded fertility problems in groups of women with and without coeliac disease. The findings show women with coeliac disease do not have a greater likelihood of reporting fertility problems, either before or after diagnosis of coeliac disease. However, rates of clinically recorded fertility problems were 41 per cent higher among women diagnosed with coeliac disease when they were 25-29 years old, compared to women in the same age group without the disease.

Dr Dhalwani said: “It is important to recognise that this represented only a very small increase in the number of women consulting with fertility problems — if we followed women between ages 25-29 years over a one year period, presentations with fertility problems would occur in one of every 100 women without coeliac disease, but in 1.5 of every 100 women with coeliac disease. The fact that this increase was not seen in women of the same age with undiagnosed coeliac disease indicates that it is unlikely to represent a biological impact of the condition on fertility. It may instead be related to heightened concern that may prompt earlier consultation if women experience delays in conception. This does, however, warrant further assessment.””


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