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Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Toronto Half 2015Thanks to everyone who came by the booth at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon at the weekend…. and before you ask… Yes, Martin did finish his Half Marathon and Yes, ReSkin did prevent him getting any blisters and chafing! Hope you all had fun on the run!


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Tried, Tested and True – ReSkin to prevent Saddle Sores

Saddle with ScrewsHere is a great article in BikeRadar by Nik Cook who has done is own testing of various methods of preventing soreness from “the saddle”. Check out his article and find out which method of protection worked best.

Read the findings here



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Two endurance runs for you in May to enjoy!

SulphurSpringSat. May 9th – Seaton Trail, Pickering (15K, 25K, 50K)

The venue of the Seaton Trail is very scenic and the time of year that the race is held, usually finds the race course in full bloom of Trilliums. This race is the closest to Toronto out of all the Ontario Ultra Series races.

Sat. May 23-24 – Sulphur Springs, Dundas Valley Conservation Area (10K, 25K, 50K, 50Mi, 100Mi, 100Mi Relay)
Sulphur Springs is one of the stops on the Ontario Ultra Series and one of the best days of running you will experience. The race starts at the Ancaster Community Centre and weaves its way through the beautiful trails of the Dundas Valley.…/sulphur-springs-trail-r…/

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Pick Your Poison 12.5k, 25k OR 50k Race

pickyourpoisonJust two weeks to go till the Pick Your Poison race.

Saturday, April 25th 2015

Pick Your Poison Trail Run is a challenging 12.5 K loop through the beautiful hills of Horseshoe Valley. Distances include 12.5K, 25 K and 50 K.

The course consists of approximately 98% off-road terrain made up of a combination of single track and ski trails. A technical but rewarding race!

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A Run with Real Meaning

condolence-book-matthews1Hamilton: April 11th 2015 – The Blarney Walk Run.
6.93k or 10-4k
If you are looking for a run with meaning beyond doing just a personal best, check out and help “to raise awareness in the areas of Mental Health, PTSD, Occupational Stress, Addictions, Depression and fight the stigma associated to these issues. We will do this together because You Are Not Alone!”

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Wit and Wisdom of Gerry Mulligan, Weed Scientist

      Ottawa Citizen

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Early Menopause, Smoking Pose Heart Failure Risk

Report on new research by;
Dr. Robin Wulffson, M.D.
LA Women’s Health Examiner.

“According to a new study, women who some and enter an early menopause are at increased risk for heart failure. The findings were published in the January 2015 edition of the journal Menopause by Swedish researchers.”

“The researchers concluded that women who undergo an early natural menopause are at increased risk for developing heart failure; furthermore, smoking can impact the association by increasing the risk even among women who enter menopause around age 46 to 49 years.

Take home message:

Risks of health problems are affected by both genetic and environmental factors. These factors also play a role in age at menopause. This study found that the highest risk of heart failure occurred among women who smoked and entered menopause early. Smoking impacts health in a number of ways; thus, it is possible that an early menopause is due, at least in part, to smoking.”

Read full report here:

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Best way to conceive? Start with good health, experts say

Best way to conceive? Start with good health, experts say
Published December 29
By Judy Peres
From Chicago Tribune

Read Here

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Exercise your Menopausal Problems Away

Reported from

Physical exercise has many benefits. A new study evaluated the benefits of physical exercise on menopausal symptoms, blood lipids, and weight. The findings were published in the December edition of the journal Menopause.

The authors concluded that physical exercise can significantly reduce menopausal symptoms, improve blood lipid levels, and reduce weight.


For the full University of Nottingham report, read here

“Researchers conducted a large population-based cohort study, analysing more than two million women of childbearing age in the United Kingdom, to compare the rates of new clinically recorded fertility problems in groups of women with and without coeliac disease. The findings show women with coeliac disease do not have a greater likelihood of reporting fertility problems, either before or after diagnosis of coeliac disease. However, rates of clinically recorded fertility problems were 41 per cent higher among women diagnosed with coeliac disease when they were 25-29 years old, compared to women in the same age group without the disease.

Dr Dhalwani said: “It is important to recognise that this represented only a very small increase in the number of women consulting with fertility problems — if we followed women between ages 25-29 years over a one year period, presentations with fertility problems would occur in one of every 100 women without coeliac disease, but in 1.5 of every 100 women with coeliac disease. The fact that this increase was not seen in women of the same age with undiagnosed coeliac disease indicates that it is unlikely to represent a biological impact of the condition on fertility. It may instead be related to heightened concern that may prompt earlier consultation if women experience delays in conception. This does, however, warrant further assessment.””


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